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Friday, 28 April 2017
Coming Feasts
Sun, 30 April '17

St James, Apostle, the brother of St John

Tue, 2 May '17

St Athanasius

Mon, 8 May '17

St John the Theologian, Apostle and Evangelist

Wed, 10 May '17

The Apostle Simon Zelotes

Sun, 21 May '17

The Great and holy Sovereigns, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Constantine and Helen

O God, Thou art my helper; Thy mercy shall go before me.
Verse: Rescue me from mine enemies, O God, and from them that rise up against me redeem me.

Wisdom from the Holy Fathers
Just as it is easier to sin in the mind than in action, so warfare through our impassioned conceptual images of things is harder than warfare through the things themselves.
On Love

For those interested in the Orthodox Church and Faith please feel free to contact a Church representative near you for further information or contact Fr Ian (see Contacts for details).

Paschal Feasts
Thu, 25 May


Sun, 4 June


Latest News

Service(s) for Friday
Cronan, Abbot of Roscrea, Ireland. The Nine Martyrs of Kyzikos. Translation of the Relics of Winwaloe, Abbot in Wales. Venerable Memnon the wonder-worker.

Service(s) for Saturday
Apostles Jason and Sosipater of the Seventy. Basil of Ostrog. Brioch (Brieux, Bryan) the Traveller, Bishop of Brittany (see also May 1). Dichu, First Convert of Saint Patrick in Ulster. Endelienta (Endellion), Nun-Recluse of Cornwall. Fiachan, Monk of Lismore. I, Archbishop of York, England. John, Metropolitan of Thebes. New-Martyr John. Senan, Hermit in Northern Wales. the Martyrs of Kerkyra. Translation of the Relics of Edmund, King and Martyr of England. Wilfrith I.

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